Courtney & Michael Engaged Buffalo, NY Cobblestone District

This couple right here, they are a trip! Courtney and Mike had some different ideas for what they wanted to do for their save the date cards. It wasn't the traditional let's go take photos, we actually had a crew, props, mimosas, donuts, a studio and two very gutsy people posing for some hilarious renditions of iconic albums we have all seen.

It was such a blast and I so want SO BADLY to show you all exactly what we did, but I can't. It's a surprise.... so instead I will show you the amazing time we had in the Cobblestone district downtown Buffalo, NY. I really love what Buffalo has done and is doing with the downtown area, if you haven't been out there yet, you NEED to go check it out! 

I hope you all enjoy these portraits as much as I enjoyed taking them, and I can't wait for their wedding! LIVE.LAUGH.PHOTO. <3 Ariel