Danielle, Mark & Haley at home session in Buffalo, NY

It's the winter months that tend to drag on up here in Buffalo, NY. This winter has been kind of crazy. It's cold and just keeps snowing and snowing and well you get my point. It's the time of year where we all just want to see a little hint of spring. Somewhere, somehow it's gotta be coming soon right? 

On the plus side though, being an on location photographer gives me several options to letting the kids have some control in their sessions. In comparison to photographing in a studio setting. It makes a fun and relaxing environment for Moms, Dads and even the children! 

There is nothing better than no boundaries, no limits photography for kiddos. The word "no" is rarely used during the session and the results are a lot of fun. In lifestyle sessions you photograph whats going on instead of trying to make something happen. It's simply what the kids want to do and boy do they have fun! 

My little buddy Haley has grown so much since I first met her. She brings the biggest smile to my face. I arrived at her house that morning and directly went to find her. She was laying in bed between awake and sleep. I  jumped up and gave her big snuggles until she was ready to get up. We then started the session. From bedhead to all dressed and ready for the day I know she had fun! No pressure just doing everyday things that she loves to do. We ate breakfast, combed our hair, brushed our teeth, read a story and even looked at her baby pictures.

Sometimes {I myself included} we forget all of the little milestones our children have. This kind of photography session is great as a reminder of what our children were doing at a certain age and how proud we were of them for accomplishing it!  It helps document everyday situations and keeps them fresh in our minds for years to come. 

Thanks again guys for the great time! LIVE.LAUGH.PHOTO. <3 Ariel