A Digital File is not a physical object. Why printing is important!

Wow. It's been a long time since I blogged anything. So thanks for joining along today! 

As I was sitting in my office today matting a bunch of portraits for my clients, I remembered that there was something I wanted to share with you all! I want to talk about some of the things that are really important to me as a Wedding and Family Portrait Photographer. So here it goes, enjoy! 

A Digital file is not a physical object, you can't hold a file. You can't touch a file.  

As a matter of fact it's literally a stored segment or block of information that is available to access using a computer program. It hangs out on a flash drive, a memory card, a hard drive, a computer or the cloud. You would look pretty funny standing in your living room "oohing" and "ahhing" over your hard drive and what a wonderful memory that was. LOL. 

Today's blog features the cutest, squishiest of babies ever! To see bigger versions check me out on  Facebook  !

Today's blog features the cutest, squishiest of babies ever! To see bigger versions check me out on Facebook !

I care  A LOT ABOUT MY CLIENTS! I want to see them enjoying the benefits of what all of this new technology has brought for us, and how we can use it to better our lives. 

You know what my favorite part of my job is? It's showing my client their memories. It's seeing their emotion. It's feeling their emotion. It's tearing up with them as we review their images and then giving them that feeling FOR-EV-ER (said like the guy from the sandlot). 

Now don't get me wrong, I do give files. Especially for my Wedding clients. But I always offer prints and albums to them as well. It would be silly of me to expect that everyone only wants one thing. That's why I own a business that is customizable for my clients and includes a plethora of products!

Now a days the most frequent question I get is can I have the digital for that.... ? I want to share the feeling my clients get when they receive that physical product. It's big. It's incomparable. It's on two different planets, in two different universes as a matter of fact! 

Being able to walk through your living room everyday and re-experience a moment in time is such a fantastic feeling. These printed products are heirlooms. Irreplaceable. Something you can show your children, their children and generations to come. You get the idea! 

Everyone has that one box or (12) of old polaroids, prints or albums from their Mom and Dad growing up. What do we have? What does our generation lack? 

A bunch of photos on the cloud. Ha ha. While I agree that having your favorite memories backed up somewhere is a very important thing to do, it's also really important to get those memories printed in some form so you can show the kids someday! Your photographer should have a guide or something to help you with this if your purchase is strictly digital files. 

So to end off here, I want to share a story with you about myself.

Growing up in Richmond, Virginia we moved a lot. We were in-between here and there quite a few times while I was young. We eventually moved up to Buffalo, NY permanetly when I was 16 years old. During those moves, we left a lot of "stuff" that wasn't important. Furniture, toys, clothing, pots, pans & knick knacks. You name it we didn't take it with us. There wasn't any room. 

You know what there was room for? I bet you do! We have ALL of our albums, our portraits and boxes & boxes of Polaroid's because I'm a 90's child, and Polaroid's were cool back then. So long of the short, get your files printed! PRINT out those memories for generations to come! 

New product line coming out soon and I CAN'T wait to share it with you all! It's bold, it's beautiful, it's colorful and it's sure to stand out in your home!