Nikki & Eric's engagement session at the Japanese Gardens, Cobblestone and Canalside in Buffalo, NY!

I had the opportunity of meeting with Nikki and Eric earlier this year and I can't say how happy I am that we met! They are both super laid back and we have been having a great time together! 

I was honestly blown away with their outfit choices for their engagement session and I could tell that it was going to be fantastic. When your client's first words as you meet up are "We are really awkward" you know you have you work cut out for you. BUT! It was so easy to photograph these two! I knew that it would be perfection and I LOVE a good challenge! 

We started out early in the morning by the Japanese Gardens behind the Buffalo history museum right as the sun was rising out of the sky. It was a beautiful morning. Not to hot and the perfect lighting for their session. We worked our way around the grounds and their outfits fit so perfectly with the marbles, iron railings, and the beautiful gardens surrounding the museum. 

They wanted to go to Canalside next and I brought in the suggestion to keep the dress on for a minute and to stop by the Cobblestone District. I knew that the dress would work so wonderfully with all of the reds, browns and purples that are all around that area! And boy oh boy was it nice! 

We then skipped over to canal side to grab a shot with shark girl, ha ha! As well as grab some really great captures of their love for each other, and believe me it wasn't hard to see! 

We had such a great time with each other and I can't wait for their wedding day! It will be awesome, I just know it! I hope you enjoyed reading along today!  LIVE.LAUGH.PHOTO. <3 Ariel 

After seeing Ariel’s work, and meeting with her we knew she would be perfect for our wedding. We just finished our engagement photo shoot, and she was amazing. She was fun and relaxed and made us feel very comfortable through out the photoshoot. And after seeing how the photos turned out we have no doubt that we made the right decision. We’re so excited to have her photograph our wedding next summer! ~Eric M.