Jessica & Family at Elicott Creek Park and Canal Side in North Tonawanda, New York.

I could write a small book about all of the fun times I have had with this lady, my friend and nail aesthetician Jessica... now throw the hubby and kiddos into the mix and man oh man do I have some stories! 

First off let me make it clear, I am not a very girly, but I really do enjoy my Monday nights every 3 weeks with Jess! I met her youngest daughter Sam when we had a nail sesh and I totally fell in love with her character and spunk! 

Now I finally got to meet the rest of the family and they really are a ton of fun! We ventured around Elicott Creek Park first which used to be a normal park that was a small island in the middle of the creek. Now it's an official dog park which was totally cool with us. Jess had mentioned that she really liked the stone building there so we went! 

After we were done there we headed down to canal side in North Tonawanda to take some portraits. We were rolling in laughter, having a grand ole' time! We then went to Niawanda State Park which is right on the Niagara River. It's one of my favorites. It has really great walkways to bike and run on as well as the view is pretty wonderful! 

We really had a great time with each other and I am so glad we were able to get out and take some portraits! Hope you enjoyed reading along today! LIVE.LAUGH.PHOTO. <3 Ariel