Do you know how to choose the right photographer for your family session?

Here are some tricks and tips into hiring the right Photographer for your family session! 



So it's time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and head out in front of the camera again huh? And you're wondering who you can call to schedule that family session with for the year. Well you're in luck because today I have some great tips and tricks to picking out the photographer for YOU and your family.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out where you want to spend money and where you don't.  Photography is something that is wanted and not necessarily needed but totally worth the investment. Having a moment in time is priceless and completely irreplaceable! It is something so precious and valuable it absolutely is worth every penny spent on it. Finding the right photographer for your budget is also something worth investing time in. Remember though, a photographer who is knowledgeable, knows what they are doing, can be helpful & guide you is worth so much more! Friendliness is key as well as good communication. SO here we go.... 


#1 (This is kind of important here folks...) I'll call it the 3 R's. REVIEWS, RECOMMENDATIONS & REFERRALS.  

It's important to chat with you friends first to see if they have a photographer in mind that they really LOVED. Then go check out that photographers reviews! See what they are all about and if what you're reading resonates with YOU! Do they come highly recommended? Or do you have warning flags from friends about them. Do yourself the favor and get in a little research before reaching out to someone. Reviews can go a long way and can really let you know certain points about a person and how they run their business. Check out some of our reviews -----> HERE

#2 Investing in the right photographer. 

The right photographer for you and your family can go a long way. After checking out referrals and reviews check out the photographers website! Hit up their Facebook page, get to know them and see if you LIKE them! Feel like you could be friends in real life? If yes, you are usually on the right track. Taking a look at the About Me section can tell a person a lot about someone and if they will get along and have mutual commonalities with each other! 

The clients that I click with are usually the ones that I feel like I know them before we even meet. And we usually end up being friends in real life. If you still are unsure of a photographer, give them a call or set up a meeting to chat. If you don’t feel a connection, move on to another photographer. 


# 3 Style 

Style. Style is a big one! Now I don't mean here how your photographer dresses. I mean what is the style your photographer uses after the photograph is taken. Photography is so much more than knowing how to expose properly. A photographer has many, MANY hats that he wears in order to arrive at what you see on their website and Facebook. Styles can be very different so make sure you like what you see from that photographer. Asking to see an entire gallery is usually the best way to see what your photos will look like!

So, don't be scared! Ask to see the whole shebang ! Not just a few pictures. Most photographers can direct you to a blog which will show several pictures from a day not just one or two. 

So quick recap here: 

Have they been recommended by someone you trust? Do you trust that the photographer you choose can give you something that you will LOVE? Are they friendly and have great customer service? Do you have things in common, i.e. would you hang out with them? Does your photographer have kids too? Do they know how to really appreciate all of the little stages of life and what they mean to a parent? All important questions and hopefully these have helped you a little bit too! 

Thanks for reading along today, share with someone you love! LIVE.LAUGH.PHOTO. <3 Ariel