Krystal Moy & Kristian Family Session out at Amherst State Park, Buffalo NY

Winter is a great time for catching up! As an anniversary gift to my sister and her husband this year, I took them out to do some updated family portraits over the summer. The last time they had professional photos taken as a family was the day they got married! A friend of mine from college photographed their wedding and the pictures were awesome! 

This session took place in August of this year right around My sister and her husbands 5th anniversary of being married! My sister and her husband met when Krystal did a study abroad program in Mexico 9 years ago while attending Daemen College.

I look back on the last seven years and it's crazy to see how far Moy has come from when he first moved here from Mexico. My sister had to translate for us because he did not know very much English. It's cool to me now because we have no barriers in language anymore and Moy is super funny!  

My nephew Kristian is such a cute little kiddo and he and Anthony (my son) are like little peas in a pod. Totally inseparable, active, and all around fun loving kiddos. They watched as another family played in the water and well, we couldn't say no! They ran, took off there shoes and jumped in. After that we decided to pack up and go, because who wants to put their shoes back on when your feet are wet! 

We had a great time out and about, and I have to say I had NEVER been to Amherst State Park before, but it was very pretty and huge! How did I miss this gem in the middle of Amherst, NY? 

Family is a bond that is meant to be cherished, appreciated, loved and taken care of. I love my family more than I could ever describe in words and wouldn't trade them for the world!