The Ambrose Family at Amherst State Park in Buffalo, Ny

A while back during the wonderful months of the dreadfully long winter we were having, I ran a contest during a fundraising event for a family in need of support. The Ambrose family stopped in to show their support for the family and ended up winning a 2 hour on location family portrait session. 

We spent the morning walking around and talking about their family and the bonds they share.  Bethany shared with me how when she met Rob over 11 years ago they knew that they wanted to have a family as well as adopting into their family. We talked about the setbacks that occurred during this time and how they overcame them came to find their sweet little girl. 

Their family is made up of so much love, it's really something to see. They are both incredibly patient and kind to their 4 children, and all of the children have so much character. 

The older children played in the wide open fields, climbed in trees, searched for snails and had rock throwing competitions with each other. They remind me of times long past with my siblings and how much I cherished those moments growing up with my brother and sister.

My littlest friend showed me that she is almost on the verge of walking, and oh boy was it too cute for words! She may have also tried to steal the bubbles from mama and drink them! Ha! It's funny all of the little things you forget about while your children grow. All of the challenges, as well as all of the beautiful accomplishments they make. 

They all enjoyed the river that runs through the park, played with bubbles and we even went on a hunt for a duck and her goslings! When it was all said and done we took a little break and busted out the snack bag! 

The Ambrose family really knows how to rock (haha get it?) a session! It was so nice to spend the morning with them and enjoy all of the benefits of being part of a large family. Thanks again guys, I had a blast! LIVE.LAUGH.PHOTO. <3 Ariel