Nikki & Eric tie the knot at Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster, NY!

There are so many great things that happen when you open your heart and let some love in! There is no exception here between Nikki & Eric. I could tell from the very start that they had something special and I really enjoyed watching the two of them planning and getting ready for the one of the biggest days of their lives! 

The entire day was centered at Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster, NY. It's a gorgeous venue with tons of wide open space and lots to discover on the grounds. The 2nd text I received on the day was from Nikki saying the front was flooded from the torrential downpours that had occurred the day before! When I arrived, I had drove in on a back road. I could see that the front entrance was actually completely covered in a small river! But non the less, Nikki was cool as a cucumber and super happy that her big day was here! 

Throughout the day we laughed, were smiling from ear to ear and just having a good ole' time. We started the couple out with a first look and it was super sweet! We then rolled into our bridal party and then off to shoot some of just Nikki and Eric! I remember the first time we met. The couple had told me that they were super awkward and didn't think they would photograph well. Well I think we have officially put that one to rest guys! Nikki was stunning and Eric looked so handsome! Such a great couple and the day was just amazing! 

After formals we headed into a short but very sweet little ceremony then on the cocktails and a little surprise from the groom's father! The toasts were beautiful, dinner was amazing and the dessert table was out of this world! We then went onto dancing and were even able to catch a really awesome sunset at the end of the night. 

Overall it was such a pleasure to be a able to capture the day for these two. Thank you so much for such an amazing day! I wish you both the best in life and love for many, MANY years to come! Thanks for reading along, LIVE.LAUGH.PHOTO. <3 Ariel