Meghan & Brian's engagement session at Gordon's Bar and Delaware Park Buffalo, NY

Let me start off by saying this, it was meant to be! Not only are Meghan and Brian super freaking cool, they were laid back, relaxed, went with the flow and our evening spent together couldn't have been planned the way it went! 

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to work with these two because they're adorable and we mesh really well. We started our night off at a bar called Gordon's on the corner of Delaware Ave. and Tioga St. where they had their first date. It had a really nice atmosphere, there was popcorn, a baby and of course these two sharing a drink with eachtother. It was nice to grab some portraits there because the bar has been sold and will be under new ownership in the near future. So to have a few documented moments of this I'm sure it pretty special to them! 

We then tracked down to Forest Lawn Cemetery where the cherry blossoms are in bloom. There were geese everywhere and it's was very peaceful. We walked around the lake in the middle of the cemetery taking a few shots here and there. We then tried to get the attention of the geese for a shot. It was going okay until I got hissed at by one mama who thought I was a little too close to here babies! We continued on down to a beautiful bridge and then headed out. 

Meghan is naturally charismatic and her smile lights up any space she is in! Seeing the two of them interacting and enjoying each others company was super sweet. For two people who weren't necessarily interested in doing an engagement session I give them an A++ for coming out and enjoying an evening taking portraits. It was so worth it!

We ended our evening over at Delaware Park by the lake which was the perfect and most romantic ending to our night. I had such a great time with them and I seriously can't wait for their wedding, it's going to be epic!