A trip out to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.

I spent the last week in Tennessee visiting with friends and these two little ladies and what a week it was!

We spent about 30-45 minutes doing hair and very light make-up in our hotel before heading outside to capture this short series. When I say short series, I mean short! We were outside for about 40 minutes and then we wrapped up. Annah couldn't stop laughing and making funny faces at her big sister Bria and it was hilarious. It's crazy to see how much these two have grown in such a short period of time. The last time I photographed them was about 6 months ago and they look so much more grown up! 

The Smokey Mountains were absolutely gorgeous. Every morning when I woke up and walked outside the view was just surreal. It was really fun to go somewhere I haven't been before and see a part of the U.S. I haven't explored yet. 

I have known the girls for a few years now and my son requested that we go and visit with them, so we did. He had a ton of fun and it was really great to see the girls! 

I love the colors during winter. You can travel to another part of the US and it's 70 degrees out and that is a great thing, especially for a photographer who loves working with children. It's hard to capture this kind of photograph in the dead of winter in Buffalo, NY!

I would like to continue this series of personal photographs with some new children as well. I will be putting out a model call for the surrounding area for children 8,9 & 10 both boys and girls. So if you have a little cutie that you think would fit with what I'm working with please feel free to reach out via the contact page! And look out for the model call posted on Facebook soon!  

Thanks again little ladies for hanging out with us! LIVE.LAUGH.PHOTO. <3 Ariel