Jennifer, Scott and their horse Stretch in Lockport, NY.

I am used to spending a day with a bride and her groom, but it's not that often that I am asked to hang out with a horse as well!

I was contacted by Jen to come out and do a post wedding session with her husband, the dogs and her horse Stretch. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous to be working around such a large animal that I knew nothing about. The last time I even rode on a horse was when I was a young girl, and I thought to myself "Lord don't go wild on me and throw me off of you!" I do have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful Stretch was! He is a magnificent creature, gentle, beautiful and actual understands and acknowledges what you are saying! 

I could tell how much love Jen has for her horse. The way they spoke to each other and worked together was really a joy to be a part of. Jen looked absolutely stunning in her gown, the train was so beautiful and unique. It was so much fun to do something different and have a few hours to spend with a couple.

I do have to admit photographing dogs can be quite challenging. Then throw in a horse, a bride and groom, BOOM! Talk about trying to get attention. I think it's easier to do with a two year old... ha ha. Nevertheless they all did amazing and one thing to always remember when taking portraits is this: It's not necessarily the most important thing to have everyone looking right at you. What's important is finding the connection between your subjects that stands out and gives a portrait it's most natural feel. 

I had such a great time with you all and am so happy to have been able to spend some time with you! LIVE.LAUGH.PHOTO. <3 Ariel