Erin and Joe + 1


Meet Erin and Joe.

I've know Erin for 15 years now, she was one of my first friends when I moved up from Richmond, Va. I remember crushing on the high school hottie,  going out dancing until who knows when O'clock in the morning, being crazy with no responsibilities and just having fun. Now we are both a little older, a little wiser, still sarcastic as all but still good friends. Even though we don't hang out ALL the time anymore, I still know that Erin is someone I can count on if I need anything. I am so happy to have been a part of documenting this time for her, Joe and Oliver. 

 I had the pleasure of meeting Joe a couple of years ago, and I can say without a doubt these two are great for each other! Joe is probably one of the sweetest, most caring guys I have met in a long time. You kind of want to hug him because he reminds you of a big teddy bear, just with tattoos. 

All in all, I'm super stoked to have been able to do this. I can't wait to meet this little guy and I can't wait to watch him grow in love and life with two pretty rad parents.