Jennifer Chris & Alexis. Buffalo, NY Family photography session at the Market Arcade & Rotary Rink.

I have know Jennifer and her husband Chris for quite some time! It's been way too long since I have seen little miss Lexi though and boy oh boy what it a joy to see her! 

Sometimes it takes just a little bit of time for a child who is shy to open up to you. I almost feel like I had a conversation with myself on the car ride over to the Rotary Rink, because Lexi wasn't having it.... But when she did finally figure out that I was fun she showed me why I love children! 

Not only can you see the love between this beautiful family but you can just sit back and enjoy how much fun they had together. I love when little kiddos just let their guard down and have a blast! That's what a family session is all about, having fun, interacting with each other, and running around like it's going out of style. We played in the snow, we played hide and seek and we chased each other around the building! I'm pretty sure I got my work out in for the day. All in all though what a blast it is to photograph families, and such an honor. 

Thanks for the amazing morning guys! LIVE.LAUGH.PHOTO. <3 Ariel